Join PHM-USA, Right Care Alliance, and PNHP NY Metro for an online event to talk about privatization of health in the US and what we can do–together–to change it.

Privatization of health and social protections affects us all, from the ever-rising costs of medical care to lack of access to clean drinking water. Across the globe, at local and national levels, those of us who stand for the right to health resist implementation of plans and propose alternatives.

The private, profit-driven model of health care in the US has created the most expensive health care in the world, but the money Americans pay for health care is not reflected in the healthcare we receive. The low quality of patient care for patients, poor conditions for health care workers, and degrading health outcomes tell the real story. The system we have isn’t working.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how decades of profiteering and extracting profit out of the healthcare system leaves it unprepared to care for patients and provide healthy working conditions, especially at times when need is at its highest. On top of that companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for medicines and health insurance–prices they set with profit in mind.

Private interest in health care has created an environment where profiteering is the goal rather than the health and well-being of people the system should serve. People’s health is not at the center of our healthcare system.

On April 7, World Health Day, groups across the globe are coming together to build power against privatization to say our health is not for sale. 

Join PHM-USA, Right Care Alliance, and PNHP NY Metro for an online event to talk about the problem of private health care in the US and how we can strengthen the movement change it.