PHM-USA is a network of individuals and organizations working to transform the United States health system while also supporting international efforts to challenge destructive US policies and corporations. Being part of PHM-USA means sharing the values of the People’s Charter for Health and advancing a vision of health for all.

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Learn about the founding of PHM and how PHM-USA has developed over the years.

Actions & Activities
Keep up with PHM-USA’s work in the US, regionally, and in solidarity with PHM friends globally.

Here you’ll find resources that we hope will support your activism for the right to health.

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There are many ways to join the movement!

Quarterly Calls
JOIN one of PHM-USA’s quarterly calls to hear and share updates. Meetings are held quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the second Thursday of the month at 1:00pm Pacific/4:00pm Eastern. Follow the listserv or the Facebook group for call-in details.

People’s Charter for Health
READ AND ENDORSE the People’s Charter for Health and share throughout your networks.

SIGN UP to receive occasional announcements and action alerts by emailing

JOIN US in the PHM-USA Facebook group. Here you can share action items and news and connect with others in the movement.

SHARE your contact info and interests here. And see if anyone in your area or with similar interests is involved here.

PHM is led by the activists who make up the movement. We welcome your interests and projects aimed at achieving the right to health. PHM’s national and global networks are here to support you!

Working groups

You can also get involved in PHM-USA’s work in the US, regionally with PHM-Canada, and globally through one of our working groups.

Anti-Racist Organizing
This group aims to embody the courage and self-reflection to bring ourselves and our networks into dialogue about oppression and racism and how to undo it in our daily lives and in our organizations.
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Immigration & Migrant Rights
Focusing on the repatriation of migrants, including those, infected with COVID-19, this group aims to work regionally to monitor and denounce US action and incite policy change.
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Environmental Justice
Through cross-border solidarity and action this group works to demand accountability from companies and policy change from governments that contribute to climate change and extractivism.
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Trade & Health
Fighting the broad and pervasive impacts of capitalism, this group works to link across countries and issues to reverse and stop health-harming trade agreements through advocacy and education.
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Health Systems Reform
This group calls for universal health care in the US and respectable health care for all. They work towards strengthened public health systems and against privatization.
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US Imperialism in Global Health
This group targets US action that weakens multilateral cooperation and works to strengthen global health governance through partnerships, advocacy, and  education. 
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