PHM organizes People’s Health Assemblies to bring together activists from across to globe to share stories, build strategies, and plan for action toward achieving health for all. These assemblies began with the first People’s Health Assembly (PHA) in Bangladesh in 2000 and have grown to be organized at regional and country levels.

5th People’s Health Assembly

Planning for the 5th People’s Health Assembly is underway! PHA5 will be held in Cali, Colombia 4-8 December 2023. Read more.

PHM-USA 2020 National Meeting

After a series of meetings in which working groups planned actions, PHM-USA will held a national assembly to share out these plans and come together as a movement to chart the way ahead with longtime friends and folks interested to become a part of this movement for health for all. Read more.

PHM Canada 2020 National Meeting

PHM-MPS-Canada held a national meeting in June of 2020 to rethink its internal structures and agree on the focus of PHM-MPS Canada’s work. Read more here.

4th People’s Health Assembly

From November 16-19, 2018 health activists from across the globe gathered in Savar, Bangladesh for the 4th People’s Health Assembly (PHA4). Nearly 1,400 people from around the world attended the assembly, including a delegation from PHM’s North America region.

Follow what happened at the PHA4:

Reports from the North America delegation
PHA4 report, key issues, and demands
Declaration of the 4th People’s Health Assembly

North America People’s Health Assembly

PHM-Canada and PHM-USA carried out the first ever North America People’s Health Assembly (PHA-NA) in Montreal on 15 August 2016. Around 50 people gathered to address cross-border threats to health, including the environmental degradation,  privatization, and capitalism.

Learn more about the PHA-NA:

Overview of the Assembly
Final report from the PHA-NA
Video report on the PHA

3rd People’s Health Assembly

PHA3 brought together health activists from across the world to share experiences, analyse the global health situation, and develop civil society positions which promote health for all. It is an opportunity to reassess, redirect and re-inspire. Attendees to PHA3 worked together to further develop the movement and explore how PHM can directly impact the struggle for social justice: health for all, decent living conditions for all, work in dignity for all, equity and environmental justice.
Read the Cape Town Call to Action
See a video report of the PHA3