The People’s Health Movement (PHM) is a broad network of health and human rights activists across the world guided by the principles of the People’s Charter for Health. With presence in over 70 countries, PHM friends are involved in issues as wide-ranging as accessible primary care, the corporatization of global health governance, and the impact of trade and extractive industries on community health. We advocate for the right to health locally in our communities, regionally with neighboring countries, and globally.

PHM-Canada and PHM-USA form PHM’s North America Region (PHM-NA). We are a network of individual volunteers and organizations, with no central office or staffing. Our work is coordinated at the country level, and we often work together on issues that impact across both countries.

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Resisting privatization of health services

In an ongoing project, PHM-North America is collecting inspiring stories from around the world of movements that have successfully protested privatization of health services. From these movements and their campaigns we can learn lessons to reinforce and inspire our own work to achieve public, accessible, affordable health care. Read more.

Global Health Watch 6: In the shadow of the pandemic

The definitive report for an alternative discourse on health, Global Health Watch is now in its sixth edition! It was conceived in 2003 as a collaborative effort by activists and academics from across the world, and is designed to question current policies on health and to propose alternatives. Global Health Watch 6 (GHW6) examines issues such as corporate greed, global governance, and privatization, especially as seen during COVID-19 pandemic, through a political-economic lens, showing connections between the social, economic, political, commercial and environmental determinants of health and the structure of global power relations and economic governance. As with previous editions, GHW6 describes and emphasizes the importance of people’s ongoing struggles towards the goal of “Health for All.” Read more.

Building a Movement for Health: a tool for health activists

Building A Movement for Health, is a collection of inspiring stories, experiences, and “best practices” activists around the world have used to build a people’s movement for health. The book focuses on people’s engagement, how they became and stayed active, and people in the movement having control over the actions.   Read more.