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Building a Movement For Health: a tool for (health) activists

The struggle for health and social justice has a long and proud history that has been driven by diverse social movements involving many individuals and organisations in different contexts. Today, the active role of organised civil society is more necessary than ever. While on average life expectancy and health status are improving globally, the rate of improvement is much slower than what is possible and the growing inequalities in health experienced between and within countries are both unnecessary and unacceptable.

This book is intended to be an aid in the struggle for health equity, which is the struggle for liberation from hunger, poverty and unjust socio-economic structures. Edited by Chiara Bodini and a group of volunteers from the People’s Health Movement (PHM), the book is a tool to support movement-building at the country level, and to contribute to the creation and strengthening of a global movement for health.

The book is not meant to be a guideline nor a toolkit, but more a source of inspiration for those who are engaged in the struggle for health. The stories illustrated speak about the building of a people’s health movement – not just any kind of mobilisation for health. It means that a focus is kept on people’s engagement and people in the movement having control over the actions.

The book can be used by people who want to know more about the struggle for health in the world and about the PHM, by activists who seek inspiration and want to learn from other’s experience, by groups involved in capacity-building, by students and scholars who research on civil society engagement in health. The manual is available in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

The book is a starting point for an ongoing effort to document movement-building practices in the struggle for health. Please share comments, reactions, and stories that come from your reading or using the book, leaving a comment on the Facebook page People’s Health Movement or sending an email to