In light of the events occurring in Ukraine, PHM Canada has put together a statement voicing our support for all of those unfairly involved and affected by the violence.

The People’s Health Movement – Canada (PHM-Canada) expressly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and we stand in solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine and with social movement,  academic and health worker organizations in Canada and globally, including inside Russia,  that have condemned the violence.  As of May 17, UN agencies estimate that there are at least  8000 Ukrainian civilian casualties, that 6.3 million Ukrainian civilians have fled the country and that eight million are internally displaced. Russian targets have included hospitals with patients and medical workers maimed and killed.

PHM-Canada reaffirms our support for the right of nations to self-determination and cannot in any way condone ongoing imperialist aggression against Ukraine or any other sovereign nation, whether by forces and weapons/logistics support from Moscow, Washington, Beijing or elsewhere. We therefore reaffirm and support the statement by PHM-Ecuador / ALAMES Nucleo Ecuador written on February 28, 2022 as per below, and respectfully express our dissent from the statement issued by PHM-Global.

PHM-Ecuador / ALAMES Nucleo Ecuador statement:

Quito, Feb 28, 2022

On February 23, 2022, we felt the same pain we felt with the bombs on Iraq almost twenty years ago; this time the lives cut off and the enormous damages are in Ukraine.

We condemn the Russian aggression against Ukraine and thereby stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the Russian people; thousands of Russians who have taken to the streets to protest a war with which they do not agree.

We recognize NATO’s aggression and the call to escalate US tensions as an important triggering factor in this conflict that affects us all, but at the same time it is unacceptable to justify aggression against a sovereign state. The talks between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus concluded with the willingness to continue. We hope that the dialogue will continue, that a NATO escalation in arms be avoided and that paths be re-established to avoid a nuclear war. The imperialism of the 21st century is not characteristic of just one country. As Alames Ecuador our solidarity is with the peoples, not with the governments.



El 23 de febrero de 2022 volvimos a sentir el mismo dolor de las bombas sobre Irak hace casi veinte años; esta vez las vidas segadas y los daños enormes son en Ukrania.

Condenamos la agresión rusa a Ukrania y con ello nos solidarizamos con el pueblo de Ukrania y el pueblo ruso; miles de rusas y rusos que han salido a las calles a protestar una guerra con la que no están de acuerdo

Reconocemos la agresión de la OTAN y el llamado a escalar las tensiones de EEUU como un factor desencadenante importante de este conflicto que nos afecta a todos y todas pero a la vez es inaceptable justificar la agresión a un estado soberano.

Los diálogos entre Rusia y Ukrania en Bielorrusia concluyeron con la

voluntad de continuarlos.    Hacemos votos para que el diálogo continúe, se evite una escalada armamentística de la OTAN y se vuelva a establecer caminos para evitar una guerra nuclear.

El imperialismo del siglo XXI no es característica propia solo de un país.  Como Alames Ecuador nuestra solidaridad es con los pueblos, no con los gobiernos.