Join us for a 4-part webinar series organized jointly by PHM Europe, PHM Canada, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the European Health Network that explores the increasing commercialization and privatization of the long-term care industry in North America and Europe.

Over 3 sessions, academics, activists and front line workers will discuss the impacts of this trend on our politics, the working conditions of these facilities and the lives of seniors living in these centres. The final session will be devoted to exploring these topics in greater depth through group discussions.

Simultaneous translation available for: English, French, Italian and Dutch

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Session & registration information

Session 1

The commercialization and political perspectives surrounding long-term care

November 12, 2020
12h30-14h00 Eastern
18h30-20h00 CET

Hanne Bosselaers (BE)

Session 2

Working conditions in long-term care during COVID-19

November 14, 2020
11h30-13h00 Eastern
17h30-19h00 CET

Maelle Steven (FR-BU)

Session 3

Dignity and Justice in long-term care

November 19, 2020
12h30-13h00 Eastern
18h30-19h00 CET


Session 4

Discussions on COVID-19, long-term care, & health justice

November 21, 2020
11h30-13h00 Eastern
17h30-19h00 CET

Language Groups
English, French, Italian, Dutch