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After a series of meetings in which working groups planned actions for the coming months PHM-USA will hold a national assembly to share out these plans and come together as a movement to chart the way with longtime friends and folks interested to become a part of this movement for health for all. Join us!

PHM-USA will have a national organizing and strategy meeting in July! Due to the pandemic and limitations on gatherings, it will be a virtual meeting. We will keep this page updated as details of the meeting are finalized. Check back often!

7 Aug

PHM-USA concluded two organizing and strategizing meetings on July 18 and 25. Six working groups developed action plans for the coming year:

  • Health systems reform & access to equitable and respectful healthcare
  • Anti-Racist Organizing
  • Safe and Healthy Work
  • Environmental Justice
  • Trade and Health
  • Immigration and Migrant Rights
  • Reversing US imperialism in global health

See the the descriptions and action plans from each working group here.

June 28 2020

Registration is open!

The PHM-USA national meeting will take place on July 18 and 25, beginning at 9:30am Pacific/12:30pm Eastern each day.

The meeting will be held via Zoom, and you may join via the Zoom app or phone. If you have questions about registration or need help, contact Leigh.

Working groups

June 18 2020

We asked that everyone share their areas of interest around which we might structure PHM-USA’s work. After tallying up the responses, these are the areas of action that came back:

  • Health systems reform & access to health services
    • anti-racist organizing in health professions
    • privatization of health services
  • Environmental justice
    • Climate change
    • Extractive industries
  • Work and the right to health
  • Trade and health
  • Reproductive justice
  • Immigrant rights
  • Housing
  • Police violence
  • Indigenous sovereignty
  • LGBT rights
  • The role of the US administration in weakening the internationalization of health related global decision making

Now, we are looking for folks to lead some of the working group sessions during the national meeting. If you would be able to help guide discussions and organize these groups’ action plans for the coming year, please let Julia know.

June 11 2020

First Dates Announced

The first dates for the PHM-USA national meeting have been set:

July 18, 9:30am – 11:30pm (Pacific)
July 25, 9:30am – 12:00pm (Pacific)

The goal of this meeting is to come together to plan, strategize, and lay out concrete actions to build our work and grow the movement. During these sessions we’ll focus our work in small groups organized around areas of interest/action that emerged from the movement-wide survey.

These planning and strategizing meetings lead up to a “PHM-USA Assembly”, date to be announced.

May 31 2020

Let us know your interest area!

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