Fighting for our lives, forging our future.

In order to avoid the needless deaths of millions of people and keep corporations and authoritarian governments from stealing our collective future, working and oppressed peoples need to stand together in solidarity, mutual aid, cooperation and joint action. Together we can build a new world, a better world, a world that puts people and the planet over profits. 

–People’s Strike

In our response to the coronavirus crisis PHM-USA demanded “an immediate, bold, and just response that prioritizes people’s lives and protects the people’s health and livelihoods during this crisis, a response that paves the way for a radical reshaping of not only how health is delivered, but protects the right to health, healthcare, and social protection.”

In order to do this we must act now to incite the change we want to see. Our institutions and the policies put forth in response to this crisis–and beyond–should pursue equity and prioritize the health and well-being of all people. These policies should invest in local communities, protect workers, and promote social cohesion and mental and physical well-being. They must also confront historical and structural injustices, which have denied human rights and dignity to so many people.

To this end, PHM-USA endorses the People’s Strike. We call on our partners and friends to support this growing coalition of workers, community, and political organizations confronting the COVID-19 pandemic by fighting against an inept and corrupt government and the forces of capital (banks, corporations, brokers, etc). that put profit before the people and the planet.

People’s Strike PrinciplesPeople’s Strike Demands

On May 1, 2020 the campaign begins with a general strike that will repeat on the first of the month every month with determined mass, non-violent direct actions. We ask that you join local actions and support the campaign through donations to local organizations, amplifying this message in your networks, and however else you can.

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The path we are currently on is not sustainable, and the COVID-19 outbreak has shone a bright light on not only the faults in our current system, but also what a more just world can look like. The time is now to organize and demand the society we envision.

–People’s Health Movement–USA