The People’s Health Movement (PHM) expresses its solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, with the student movement, the youth, the elderly, the pensioners and all those who are fighting for a dignified Social Security system and for the right to live in a democratic country,  and against anti-popular economic measures, the control of the media, the destruction of the environment by extractive industries, and the potential construction of the inter-oceanic canal by a Chinese company with high economic and social costs.

We are deeply moved and mournful for the dead, wounded, disappeared and detained, and we call for:

The Government of Nicaragua to stop the violence by the National Police and the Sandinista Youth;

The impressive Nicaraguan popular mobilization to continue denouncing and fighting peacefully for their demands.

There can be no social transformation if popular mobilization is repressed and the legitimate protest of people is criminalized. Dialogue and direct communication among all sectors is fundamental for the peace and understanding to prevail.

Our heart is with the people of Nicaragua.