Working groups

During the course of the meetings on July 18 and July 25 we will:

    1. Identify priorities for potential work/activity in the next year
    2. Reflect on connections with these activities and how they intersect with our larger ongoing efforts to confront and challenge racism and capitalism, and the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    3. Identify allies & how we might work with them
    4. What connections do we want to make with others involved with PHM outside of the US?

In working groups we will develop:

    1. Concrete steps for 3 months
    2. Plans for what we want to achieve in 6 months and in 1 year

Each group will be asked to prepare a short presentation for closing session on July 25.

Working group discussion guide

Each working group should develop their discussion and plan of action using the prepared discussion guide (google form):

NOTE: You must click submit to save your work. You may return to the form using the group’s link.


Instructions for working groups

Session 1

Working groups should explore their issue/topic with the following questions. Please enter your responses into the discussion guide/form linked above.

1.1 Briefly review actions and positions that PHM US and/or PHM North America and/or PHM Global have done in the past around the Working Group’s topic.

1.2.Each topic is quite broad — Please identify some specific issues/ sub-topics that this Working Group feels should be the focus, for now? Why?

1.3 What are PHM-USA’s strengths in addressing these issues? What value-add can PHM-USA bring to current activism around these issues?

1.4 How does activism around these issues link to PHM’s over-arching goals of confronting racism and challenging capitalism?

1.5 What types of actions might be most feasible and/or effective for addressing each of these issues?

1.6 What is PHM-USA or individual group members/organizations present already doing on these issues?

1.7 With whom can PHM-USA collaborate with on activism on these issues? Whose efforts can we join or support?

Session 2

For each issue the group identifies, please respond to the following:

2.1 What are the key activities we envision?

2.2 Who are the key allies we want to involve/ work with?

2.3 What do we want to achieve in 6 months?

2.4 What do we want to achieve in 12 months?

2.5 What are the concrete steps we will do in the next 3 months?

Question or problems?

If you have problems or questions during the meeting contact:

+32 483 42 37 36 (iMessage/WhatsApp/Signal)

+1 (206) 659-6052

+1 (510) 292-0537

+1 818 395-4538