Protecting and securing our right to health requires that we have affordable access to quality health services. However, in the US, Canada, and countries all over the world, governments are choosing to privatize health services. This move raises prices, forces some hospitals to close, and decreases access to life-saving medicines and treatment.

Putting our health and health systems in the hands of private companies–which are driven by making a profit–is a step backwards in our struggle for the right to health. We must resist.

PHM-North America is collecting inspiring stories from around the world of movements who have stood up and spoken out against privatization of their health services…and WON. From these movements and their campaigns we can learn lessons to reinforce and inspire our own work to achieve public, accessible, affordable health care.

Please contact us if you would like to share the story of your movement’s success in stopping privatization of health services in your community.

Canada: Shutting Profit out of Lab Services in Alberta

England: Campaign To Save Gloucestershire’s NHS


India: Mobilizing against PPPs in Chhattisgarh


Spain: Marea Blanca, A Rising Tide Against Privatization

Sweden: Occupy our Hospitals!