In 1950, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared April 7 World Health Day to raise awareness about important health issues such as mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change. For the past five years, however, the European Network Against the Commercialisation and Privatisation of Health and Social Protection (European Network), joined by PHM, have used this day to bring attention to another critical issue for health: the privatization and commercialization of health and of social protection.

This year again, we commemorate April 7 as a People’s Health Day and call for an international day of action for #Health4All!

All over the world, health systems are being eroded for the benefit of the private sector. In many places access to quality care is declining, workloads in the health sector are increasing, and working conditions for many workers are deteriorating while pay stagnates.

Public health systems cannot meet the needs of the population because they are deliberately underfunded. Now private, commercial interests are entering the « market » to fill the void. These private companies prioritize profits over people’s health, offering more expensive services to customers who can afford them. Most people, however, cannot afford these services and, so, do not have access to fast, regular, quality care.

On this People’s Health Day we call for international action to stand against the privatization and commercialization of health and social protection!

#Health4All NOW!

Join our White Sheet Action on Social media!

Each year activists hang white sheets from windows and in public places with messages to decision makers about what must be done ensure everyone’s right to health.

Write your message on a white sheet and hang it in a public place if you can. Then, take a picture of it and post it to social media. You’ll be able to find the movement using #7April and #Health4All.

Don’t have a sheet? Download this image to share your message.

If you’re planning an action, virtual or in person, add details to our map of global actions.

Act for #Health4All on 7 April!

Because healthy, quality services start with sufficient funding

Because a population can only be healthy if market forces are thwarted

Because health democracy is essential…

Because 75% of our health depends on social, environmental and gender determinants

Because medicines policy must be at the service of the population and not at the service of multinational pharmaceutical companies …


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