On health systems strengthening and access to care

Global Health Watch 2 Part B: The Health Care Sector

Health care systems from around the world. This presentation, part of the April 7 Day of Action in Seattle (2016) is a series of four discussions of examples of health care systems from Mozambique, Liberia, the UK, and China.

Health quiz. This presentation is a sort of  healthcare quiz challenging your knowledge on the current state of health.

Tools for media, action, and education from the HOPE Campaign. The Health over Profit for Everyone (HOPE) Campaign is a national organization advocating for National and Improved Medicare for All in the US.

NGO Code of Conduct for Health Systems Strengthening

Out in the Rural (video)

People’s Health Movement position on Universal Health Care

Political economy of health. This presentation was part of the April 7 Day of Action in Seattle (2016). It gives a background to the April 7 «Our Health is NOT for Sale» movement and frames the day’s discussions in terms of a political economy of health lens.

The Struggle for Health in El Salvador (video)

Frontline documentary Sick Around the World

What would a single-payer system look like? This presentation looks at the current health care system in the United States and what a reform to a single-payer system would look like (presenter: Dr. David McLanahan, Physicians for a National Healthcare Program)

On environmental justice

Health Crisis Rocks the Gulf in the Aftermath of the Spill, but Feds and BP Turn a Blind Eye 

Filmmaker Josh Fox on ”Gasland” (video)

Advocacy 101. “Advocacy 101” covers the basics of organizing for action.

Advocacy tools and actions presents a series of tools and actions effective organizers can use.

Building a Movement for Health is a book intended to be an aid to health activists in the struggle for health equity.