See below actions you might take to promote the equitable distribution for PPE. We will continually update this page. If you would like to add an action, please send it to

Occupational safety/workers rights

Pooling mechanisms

  • Join the PPE Coalition to help create a more unified and efficient supply chain for PPE.

Equity in distribution

  • Advocate depot of PPE for low-income countries as they confront waves of the pandemic.
  • Demand access to risk-appropriate PPE be expanded to the most vulnerable people in your community: migrant workers, homeless people, service workers.
  • Communities supporting vulnerable frontline workers (grocery clerks) by making them masks
  • Support the Protect the People’s Emergency PPE Partnership Fund, which is raising money to provide Native American communities and medical workers with PPE.

Autonomy and solidarity

  • Join in efforts to make homemade face masks for yourself and others by using instructions put out by the CDC
  • Empower textile & clothing manufacturers to pivot into production of cloth PPE
  • Mutual aid


  • Call on your government to invest in resilient care systems with built-in surge capacity and to appropriately compensate labour that provides care and well-being as the central feature of the economy.
  • Call on your local, state, or national health authority and government to demand that corporations make and deliver PPE to the places with the most dire needs and the most vulnerable populations during this emergency.
  • Call on global bodies such as the World Health Organization to prepare to protect the places and people that are most vulnerable to outbreaks.