Building community & campaigns


From examples around the world, PHM-North America has been learning how to build successful campaigns against the privatization of health services and infrastructure.


We invite you to a virtual learning series to share in this learning if you too are engaged in a struggle against privatization in health. Our goal is to support building effective action in your context through lessons learned from others.


Through a series of case studies presenting successful campaigns against privatization–and conversations with organizers involved in those campaigns–participants will learn and develop strategies that can lead to successful outcomes. Working together in small groups, participants will be able to apply lessons learned, share knowledge, and support each other in developing their own campaigns to defeat privatization policies in their communities.



What we’ll do


Apply a global analysis of privatization of health services to the local context

Share strategies and tactics that lead to successful campaigns against privatization of health services

Analyze social movements and how they organize to influence health policy

Build skills to develop a strategy and organize a campaign against privatization of health services



Who should apply


Groups or individuals involved in campaigning against privatization of health services

Anyone interested in learning how movements around the world have organized against powerful, private interests in health services and infrastructure

Participants should be willing to commit to two hours per week over the course of the learning series



Details about the learning series


The series will meet weekly starting the week of 17 January 2021. We will meet weekly for eight weeks. Each weekly session will be two hours long.

Small groups will meet monthly, in April, May, and June, to continue sharing inspiration and strategy as campaigns are developed and implemented.

There will be one final meeting in July for everyone to come together to share challenges, insights, and successes from each campaign.



Apply now!


Let us know a little about yourself and why you’re interested in this course. The application deadline is 6 Dec 2020.

If you have questions contact the organizers, Baj Mukhopadhyay & Leigh Haynes.